Central Committee secretary of PASOK movement, Manolis Christodoulakis, reiterated the slogan of “democratic revolution”, noting that the party’s goal is “to build political stability linked to collective prosperity”.

Speaking at the OT FORUM, held in the context of the 86th TIF, Christodoulakis noted that “we are in a volatile political scene, in which we are being re-evaluated”, stressing that the country needs a political way out that will provide solutions and – as he said – this is what PASOK wants to do.

According to him, the dilemma that Androulakis posed about “democratic subversion or tolerance to regimentation” does not only concern the case of the wiretapping, but also the economic and social policy that has been implemented in recent years. “The Coalition of the Radical Left (SYRIZA) implemented a subsidy policy and New Democracy party keeps indirect taxation constant. The increased VAT remains in supermarkets, as well as the special consumption tax on fuel. The poor and the rich ones pay the same amount of money,” Christodoulakis said, adding that people care about who will change their daily lives for the better.

“Answers must be given”

Responding to a question about the country’s post-election future, Christodoulakis expressed hope that things would not lead us to other dilemmas, such as “picking up any debris, etc. It was Mitsotakis in 2018 who rightly criticized SYRIZA and now he has turned into Tsipras, giving money on a circumstantial basis.”

Regarding wiretapping, Christodoulakis noted that “what we have asked must be answered”, stressing that if all our questions are answered, the contradictions regarding the reasons for the surveillance of PASOK’s leader will be revealed.

Moreover, when asked whether it is PASOK’s self-glory to insist only on wiretapping, the Central Committee secretary of PASOK movement said that wiretapping is not the only issue to talk about.

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