The draft budget for 2023 will be submitted to the Parliament on Monday.

The draft budget will provide for a primary surplus, even marginal, as well as the continuation of growth against the unfavorable climate that has been created in Europe.

The main objective of the finance ministry will be to send a message of fiscal stability in all directions. According to sources from the ministry, a crucial element for 2023 is to convince the markets that the country is protecting at all costs what has been built with effort and sacrifice in all the previous years.

Besides, one of the main goals of the government, for 2023, is the acquisition of investment grade, a goal that is more important in the current  period as bond yields in the eurozone are breaking one record after another.

According to the statements recently made by Finance Minister Christos Staikouras, the growth for 2022 will be 5.3% compared to 3.1% which was the forecast in the budget and the European average of 3.1%.

For 2023, the Greek economy is expected to grow by 2.1% against 0.9% of the European average.

The primary surplus is expected to range between 0.5%-0.7%.

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