On Monday at 18.00, 10 October, the passenger ferry Smyrna di Levante of Levante Ferries starts its maiden voyage to Smyrna from Thessaloniki.

After thorough and long-term planning a great vision of Levante Ferries is being realized, and the maritime connection between Thessaloniki and Smyrna is a fact, thus fulfilling the intense and timeless desire of the two peoples for an easy and comfortable union by sea, the ferry company announced.

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However, this connection does not only unite Greece with Turkey, it also unites Europe with Asia. This will serve passengers and cargo to Europe, the Balkans and vice versa. Many trucks through this connection will be able to reach Bari and Ancona easily and comfortably, through a single ticket.

Smyrna di Levante a safe, fully upgraded and renovated ship, which as the company points out “ensures every passenger, a safe and enjoyable journey, from Thessaloniki, the gateway to the Balkans, to Asia Minor’s Cosmopolitan center,” is ready for ita maiden voyage. Information available to ot.gr states that next Friday afternoon in Piraeus, the traditional consecration of the ship will take place, which on Saturday morning will depart for Thessaloniki and from there on Monday afternoon will make its first route to Smyrna.

Two words about the ship

The Greek-flagged ship has a length of 158.42 meters, a width of 21.60 meters and a maximum draft of 5.719 meters. Its maximum speed is 20 knots and the service speed is 18 knots, while it has the capacity to transport 948 passengers with four-bed, two-bed cabins and airline seats. It also has a capacity for trucks of 1,000 lane meters and 300 cars.

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