The importance of the experiential theater seminars “Introduction to the ancient theater and the work of Euripides” in Salamis, for the promotion of the island as a world historical and cultural destination, was pointed out by the president of the Hellenic Tourism Organization-EOT, Angela Gerekou, during a press conference.

The purpose of the press conference was to present the results of the seminars that took place in the summer of 2021 and 2022 in the “Cave of Euripides”, under the auspices of the EOT, the support of the Municipality of Salamina and the partnership of the Art Theater and artistic director Marianna Kalbari. The seminars were designed to highlight the role of ‘place’ in Euripides’ artistic creation, to experience the influence of natural, religious and other cultural spaces on creators and to encourage young dramatic artists to get to know the natural places where the great ancient texts were born.

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The president of EOT referred to the history of the initiative, noting, among other things, that through it the aim is to highlight the Cave of Euripides and the nearby Sanctuary of Dionysos as a monument of memory and to attract visitors and especially people of art from all over the world.

Ms Gerekou noted EOT’s goal to reposition the island on the world travel map, focusing on both the great historical and political importance of the naval battle of Salamis as well as its culture, folklore, gastronomy and local products, such as its famous honey.

During the presentation, Mrs. Kalbari welcomed the initiative as the beginning of a series of such actions that are beneficial for culture, while artist-educator Jelina Pallas referred to the experience she had from her collaboration in the seminars. Director Chrysa Georgantas emphasized that the foundations were laid “for ancient theater seminars in the area of ​​the cave and groups of students from abroad are already being organized for next summer”, as the mere existence of the cave as a place of meditation “gives food for thought”.

Finally, professor of archeology at the University of Ioannina, Giannos Lolos, head of the excavation at the site of Peristeria on the island, presented the basic evidence that confirms that the specific site is indeed the cave of Euripides and called “a very important cultural event the organization of the series of seminars and even in the resting place of the great tragic poet”.

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