Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis speaks of an important moment for our country, regarding the Eurogroup’s decision to release the last installment of the Greek debt relief measures to our country. The prime minister emphasized, among other things, that this decision certifies the progress of the country and justifies an effective policy.

The Prime Minister’s statement

“Today is a more optimistic day, as the Eurogroup solemnly recognized the success of the Greek economy and the great efforts of Greek society.

Yesterday, the finance ministers of the Eurozone decided, with absolute unanimity, to disburse 725 million euros to the country from the profits of the European banks holding Greek bonds. And at the same time to abolish on a permanent basis the increase foreseen in the interest rate of loans by the European Stability Mechanism.

The first issue has been pending since the beginning of 2019. And today it finds its most positive end. While the second makes it easier for Greece to step more dynamically into the future.

This is an important moment for our country. Which certifies the progress of the country. But it also pays homage to an effective policy. Which supports citizens, while at the same time serving employment and development. Above all, however, this is a development that rewards the great efforts and hopes of every Greek woman and every Greek man.

All of you are the protagonists of a changing Greece. Thank you. Always staying on the same path of effort. With confidence, continuity and consistency.”

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