An extremely important project was implemented by the Hellenic Geological and Mineral Research Authority (EAGME) regarding the creation of the first digital map “Greek Marble Atlas”, which includes all the Marbles (natural decorative rocks) of Greece, as well as their physical-mechanical and aesthetic characteristics.

The digital map of the marbles of Greece, which was implemented in the context of the digital transformation of the country, in addition to Greek, is also translated into English so that it can be used by those involved in the “Marble” industry, both ain Greece and abroad .

Through the special interactive application, which was developed specifically for the needs of the Project and the “Atlas of Marbles”, a digital map is displayed that presents almost all types of natural decorative rocks (limestone and dolomite marbles, limestones, slates, sandstones, etc. .etc.), the extraction of which takes place in the marble regions of the country, in licensed quarries. By choosing one of them, the user can access a series of useful information, while it essentially constitutes an interactive map and a dynamic database that is constantly updated with the newest types of decorative rocks in Greece.

“Each marble has received its name according to the EN 12440 standard and not its trade name. Various information have been posted for each of them, such as the geological data, the petrographic data, its physico-mechanical characteristics, examples of its applications and uses”, emphasizes Dr. Konstantinos Laskaridis, Technical Manager of the LITHOS Laboratory and Head of the Directorate of Mineral Resources and Mining of EAGME.

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