The INKA General Federation of Consumers of Greece calls on consumers to boycott cheese, dairy products, milk, and yogurt from February 13 to February 20, 2023.

The reason is high prices and profiteering.

More specifically, in its announcement, the consumer organization states that “following the same picture presented by the food market and especially milk products, we as INKA, the General Consumer Federation of Greece, following the demand of thousands or even millions of consumers, are starting a Boycott on cheese, dairy, milk, yogurt from February 13 to February 20, 2023.

We ask civilian consumers not to buy these products for a week.

The power of the market is us, the citizen consumers.

We say no to accuracy everywhere no to profiteering and speculation.

What the government cannot do, let us, the citizens, do it ourselves.

Let’s take care of our wallet, our pocket, let’s protect the income that some people want to steal without a trace of logic or ethics since at the same time they reduce
the quantities in the same product packages.

From February 13, Monday to February 20, Sunday, 2023, we do not buy domestic or importated dairy products, milk, yogurt, cheese.”

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