Kyriakos Mitsotakis outlined his stance in the cabinet for the measures that the government will take to relieve the families of the victims of the train tragedy in Tempi, which is in progress, as well as for the initiatives to install modern security systems.

“Today’s meeting is held in the shadow of the tragedy of Tempi and the national suffering that still lasts. I want to once again express my public apology in the name of all those who have governed the country in recent years”, said the Prime Minister.

“I take responsibility, we do not want and should not hide behind a series of human errors,” he noted.

If the remote control project had been completed, it would have been practically impossible for this accident to have occurred. Unfortunately, we didn’t have time to install it before the bad happened,” he stressed.

“We’re all to blame”

“We are all to blame,” the prime minister said.

“However, the tragedy happened with us at the helm of the country,” he stressed. “I can’t turn back time”

He then promised absolute transparency in the investigation and that there would be an upgrade of the rail network with a focus on safety.

“Our trains, as the minister in charge said, should start as soon as possible with the maximum possible safety, we will have two station masters on each shift. We are tightening the legal framework for rail damage and theft,” he added.

The prime minister also referred to the demonstrations of the last few days. “Young people protesting with dignity are absolutely right,” he said, among other things.

Mr. Mitsotakis also referred to the “problematic” state, which he stressed will change either “now or never” to put into practice what he heard in Larissa after the railway tragedy “never again”.

Mitsotakis’ position in detail

“Today’s meeting is being held in the shadow of the Tempi tragedy. Our thoughts are with the families of the victims and for that I will repeat the public apology. If the remote control project had been completed this accident would have been quite impossible to happen. Technology would have prevented the unthinkable from happening. The remote control project will be operational in a few months from now. This makes my personal pain even greater since we did not prevent the evil.”

We are all guilty and let’s admit it with courage. Commands and guilds. The apportionment of responsibilities will be done by the Court. But the tragedy happened with us at the wheel. I can’t turn back time but I can guarantee:

Absolute transparency in the investigation and fair judgment of those involved

Direct initiatives for railways (technology and human resource management)
Listening to the dialogues I felt anger and shame. I have an obligation to turn my feelings into creative action and that is what I will do.

“Remote command and control by the end of summer”

Our trains will run as soon as possible with maximum safety. As the minister announced, there will be two station masters. We will immediately tighten the framework for disasters and thefts in the network, we are hiring. I will move heaven and earth to complete the remote control project as soon as possible. By the end of the summer the project will be finished.

Young people protesting politely have every right to be angry. And their parents… How important it is that we give place to sadness and mourning and not allow a spark to be created for national division. In the past it was proven in Tempi how difficult modernization is in the country. In a country where lives have been saved by online appointments for digital mammograms, citizens are on medication, 112 and stationmasters can’t get along with train drivers.

To leave behind a system that we did not hide and we want to change and change it radically. Citizens have high expectations from us. I personally know first hand how hard the battle is and I learned it well when I clashed with working fathers of my own faction. I didn’t back down then, I won’t back down now. It is a war with the dark state of anachronism. A state that takes on different colors but remains inactive. It is the troubled state that I am asking you to overthrow in whatever area and with whatever obstacles we encounter.

Never again will turn into now or never for the rebirth of the country. Our answer is now. Trying, faster, more efficiently, starting immediately…”.

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