March closes for Athens International Airport with marginally higher traffic than the corresponding month of 2019, continuing the positive streak of the first two months. During the first two months of the year, “Eleftherios Venizelos” flew higher than the last year before the pandemic, with a total of 2.8 million passengers, confirming the positive forecasts for the year. For March, passenger traffic is expected to slightly exceed the 1.65 million passengers of 2019.

The impressive 2022 recovery for Athens Airport, with 22.72 million passengers, paved the way for a new record in 2023. Estimates point to a performance of around 25 million passengers, i.e. close to the all-time record of 2019.

Entering the final stretch for the summer program, American companies, which have been a pillar of development for Athens International Airport in recent years, start flying earlier than any other season and with increased capacities. The return of Australia is an important development, while the progress of Middle Eastern destinations is also positive. The market that is still struggling is that of Asia, which was particularly affected by Covid-19.

As for the new destinations, a total of 13 are expected for 2023, as well as three new airlines. The Icelandic low-cost carrier Play will connect the Greek capital with Keflavik airport, Kuwait Airways and Sun Express will connect Athens with Izmir. A major goal continues to be the opening of the Indian market for “Eleftherios Venizelos” which seems to be garnering a lot of tourist interest.

For its part, Aegean, which holds the scepter at Athens airport, is expected to fly this summer with the largest itinerary it has ever served, including 12 new destinations.

Despite the positive messages, the optimism of experienced executives of the domestic aviation industry remains subdued. Not only because of the multiple crises that the country has faced in the last more than 12 years, but also the difficult macroeconomic environment at the international level.

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