The honorary deputy prosecutor of the Supreme Court, Anastasios Kanellopoulos, announced that the EAN party, of which he is the head, will not participate in the June 25 elections. He points to the polarizing electoral climate as the main cause, but also the fact that the party does not have the resources and time to prepare properly.

According to, the former supreme prosecutor confirms in the clearest way that he will not contest the June 25 election. He even characterized as “unsatisfactory” the electoral presence of EAN, while he spoke of “the bombardment of it with a barrage of negative reports during the period of the pregnant electoral campaign with Ilias Kasidiaris, and the strangulation of it afterwards”.

“The party does not suspend its operation”

In any case, Mr. Kanellopoulos clarifies that his non-participation in the June 25 elections does not mean that he will suspend operations, while at the same time he announces reconstruction and reorganization after the elections.

Even in the elections of May 21, the “EAN” party, which he had founded and with which he entered the elections after the collapse of the agreement to put himself in charge of the “Greeks” of Ill. Kasidiaris, registered extremely low flights, as in total Out of 37 parties, it ranked 18th in voter preference, with a percentage of 0.26% and 15,177 votes.

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