Even those found guilty of negligent arson will be sent to prison, and face heavy fines and administrative fines.

The legislative foundations were laid in today’s meeting that the Minister of Citizen Protection and Climate Change Vassilis Kikilias had with the Minister of Justice Giorgos Floridis.

At the heart of the meeting between the two ministers was the adoption of legislative and administrative measures so that from now on arsonists would serve at least part of the imposed sentence.

As Mr. Floridis noted in the context of the revision of provisions of the Criminal Code, “we will seek to reduce the feeling of impunity. Penalties will be served. Anyone who thinks after the changes to illegal should think very carefully.”

The penalties

For his part, Mr. Kikilias pointed out that the fines that will be imposed will be many times higher than those imposed for animal abuse and may reach up to 30,000 euros.

It is recalled that Vassilis Kikilias pointed out last week that since the beginning of the year there had been 117 arrests for arson. “It’s not just the arsonists, it’s also criminal negligence. The 107 arrests were due to negligence,” he had said speaking to SKAI channel.

“We must protect the many, society, and citizens against those few who endanger our lives, our property, the ecology. Of the 1,470 fires, 10 were large, which we are studying and trying to get better,” Mr. Kikilias pointed out.

It is noted that the mayor of Rhodes has already filed a lawsuit against persons unknown for intentional arson in the forests of Rhodes and for attempted murder against permanent residents and tourists.

The mayors of the region talked of orchestrated arson behind the recent fires in Ancient Olympia and Corfu.

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