Public policies must be adapted to the adverse repercussions of the climate crisis, Minister of Infrastructure and Transport Christos Staikouras said during his speech on Monday at the 1st “Energy Save” Conference, in the context of the “Automotive – Electromobility 2023” exhibition.

Analysing the pillars of a comprehensive response to the challenges, he emphasised, among others, the promotion of electric mobility.

More specifically, the Minister of Infrastructure and Transport underlined that it is necessary to take decisions, at global and national level, in order to reduce emissions and slow down the progression of climate change and, at the same time, to reassess the resilience of infrastructure in order to be better prepared for extreme weather.

“Speed is a critical parameter, because the problem already exists,” stressed Staikouras, presenting the government’s framework of actions aimed at implementing the common European strategy for sustainable and smart mobility, in order to shape a less polluting transport system, which will be more secure, competitive, intelligent, affordable and accessible for all.

The Minister of Infrastructure and Transport outlined the three pillars in which the relevant actions are developed and which concern: sustainable transport, with the promotion of electrification and investment in fixed-track means of transport, the introduction of intelligent transport systems that promote smart mobility and reduce the environmental footprint and cost of travel, as well as the resilience of infrastructure related to transport services.

Staikouras stated that the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport has a fixed orientation towards the modernisation of the transport system and the “green” transition, with the main criteria being economic efficiency, social reciprocity and environmental sensitivity.

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