Klarna gathered information from its recent research on the purchasing preferences of Greek consumers during this year’s Black Friday. More than 15,000 consumers from 15 countries, including Greece, participated in the survey, which was carried out in collaboration with the research company Nepa.

Klarna’s study shows that the majority of Greek consumers intend to shop during Black Friday sales (77% compared to 70% in all countries overall). At the same time, 70% of Greek consumers stated that they already have a clear shopping plan for the Black Friday period (compared to 68% in all countries overall), showing that they have prepared for this particular day.

High value purchases and preference for e-commerce

According to the survey results, 69% of consumers plan to invest in high-value purchases such as electrical appliances, jewelry and furniture this year’s Black Friday. The survey also shows the preference of Greek consumers for online shopping. Specifically, across all product categories, consumers seem to prefer online shopping over in-store shopping, showing the rise of e-commerce.

In the jewelry and accessories category alone, 52% of participants said they would prefer shopping in a physical store. With the Pay in 3 service, Klarna also makes it easier for consumers during the Black Friday sales by offering them the possibility to pay in 3 interest-free installments.

Careful spending

When it comes to spending, 39% of consumers will only buy what they can afford, while only 5% said they might end up spending too much on Black Friday sales. Almost half of Greek consumers (47%) said they would buy products they would have bought anyway, but at a cheaper price. The top products consumers are interested in buying are electronics (55%), clothing and footwear (52%) and beauty products (25%).

“Klarna’s Black Friday study reflects the dynamic consumer environment in Greece, and provides valuable information for businesses preparing for this big shopping day. And on Black Friday, Klarna continues to offer consumers the option to pay in 3 interest-free installments, ensuring a smooth shopping experience,” said Ilias Pitsavos, Head of Klarna in Greece.

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