Greece has been globally recognized for its credibility as a top-notch provider of maritime services, as it was re-elected in the top spot, for a second time running, following the 2021 elections, with 146 votes out of 162 valid votes in the “A” Category of the International Maritime Organization (IMO) Council.

The “A” Category comprises countries with the highest interest in offering maritime services, as stated by the Ministry of Shipping. The successful outcome of the vote, held during the 33rd Assembly of the Organization, is attributed to the coordinated efforts of the Ministry of Shipping and Island Policy and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Regarding Greece’s re-election to the IMO Council’s “A” Category, Minister of Shipping and Island Policy Christos Stylianides expressed his satisfaction and thanks for the accolade:
“I express my warm thanks to the IMO Member States who honored us with their trust and votes. Greece, with a high sense of responsibility, will continue to play a leading and actively supportive role in achieving the IMO’s goals for safe, energy-efficient, ‘green,’ and sustainable international shipping.”

“Greece’s re-election to the first position in the ‘A’ Category of the IMO for the second consecutive time is an exceptionally significant success for our country in a critical and challenging period for international shipping. It reaffirms the trust and credibility of Greece, as well as our country’s excellent cooperation with the Organization and its Member States.”

The Minister added that this acknowledgment highlighted “Greece’s dynamic and leading role in global shipping”, as well as its long-term and decisive contribution to shaping international maritime policies and legislation through specific and realistic proposals.

This recognition highlights Greece’s continued commitment to maritime excellence and its dedication to advancing the goals of the IMO for a safer and more sustainable maritime industry.

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