The buzz continues over the ‘colors’ of electricity bills that consumers will be called upon to choose come the new year. The coloring scheme of the new bills was introduced by the Greek government to reportedly aid consumers in discerning which best suited their needs depending on their income while offering transparency on cost fluctuations between energy providers.

Although the countdown for the new tariffs has already begun, most seem undecided on the color they will choose. Consumers are urged to choose between the solid blue tariff, the specialized green, the fluctuating yellow, and the dynamic orange.

Blue tariff:

Fixed charge per kWh throughout the contract duration

Not affected by market fluctuations in electricity trading
Higher kWh charges compared to all other tariff types
Imposition of exit clauses

Yellow tariff:

Fluctuating charge per kWh per month
Monthly charges depend on market fluctuations in electricity trading
kWh price for the consumption month disclosed at month-end
No imposition of exit clauses

Orange tariff:

Fluctuating charge per kWh per hour within 24 hours
Affected by market fluctuations in electricity trading
Hourly charges only with the installation of a smart meter
No imposition of exit clauses

Green tariff:

kWh charges are determined based on fixed and variable values
Affected by market fluctuations in electricity trading
Application of readjustment clauses
No imposition of exit clauses

“Support for the vulnerable continues”

“Every 1st of the month, all providers are obliged to present the price of the green tariff. The green tariff remains fixed for the entire month, offering price predictability for the following month in advance, ensuring transparency,” said Aristotle Aivaliotis, Secretary-General for Energy and Mineral Raw Materials, speaking to MEGA.
“It’s useful for the consumer to evolve from a mere consumer to actively managing their electricity price and why not participate in energy production,” he added.

As he states:
“I hope that prices will fall. They are still reeling from the energy crisis and are expensive. As a ministry, we are doing everything possible, interventions that will bring down electricity prices. Competition is a factor.”

Mr. Aivaliotis emphasized that social tariffs are continuing as usual.
“Support for the vulnerable continues,” he underscored, noting provisions even for those using electric heating.

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