Anew report from the Greek research and policy institute for the tourism sector, INSETE, showed that Greece is one of the most popular destinations for European travelers this year.

The study examined the intentions of Europeans, specifically travelers from Germany, the UK, France and Span, regarding travel in the coming months, planned expenditures, duration and type of stay, among other parameters of travel behavior.

According to the report, vacation planning abroad appears to have started early, with around 70% of Germans, Britons, and Spaniards and 60% of French already having started planning their trips for the next 12 months.

Regarding the top destinations on these travelers’ lists for the upcoming year, Greece ranks 5th for those in Germany, France, and the United Kingdom, and 7th for the Spanish tourists. To note, the difference between those higher up on the list and Greece is very small, some less that 1 percentage point. These higher-ranking countries are either much larger (France, United Kingdom) or much more easily accessible, (e.g., Austria from Germany).

Trip Duration

Regarding the duration of the journey to the destination, the report found a strong preference for shorter trips, with almost 8 out of 10 Germans, three-quarters of French and British travelers, and 78% of Spaniards preferring trips lasting less than three hours. The fact that Greece is geographically farther away, but still a favorite destination among the four, speaks to the strong branding of the country.

Planned Expenditures

The study concluded that in all four countries, the percentage of those who plan on spending more is higher than those who plan to spend less by 10 to 20 percentage points. This year, 50% of Germans, 47% of French, 51% of Britons, and 44% of Spaniards plan to spend as much as they usually do, while 31% of Germans, 29% of French, 29% of Britons, and 36% of Spaniards plan to spend more than usual.

Motivations for Traveling

The top motivation among those studied is enjoyment and relaxation, preferred by 56% of Germans, 55% of French, 71% of Britons, and 58% of Spaniards. This is followed by the desire to experience a new place or culture, which is a motivation for 51% of Germans, 56% of French, 50% of Britons, and 55% of Spaniards. Moreover, the weather is particularly important for Britons (51%) and Germans (45%), while many Germans (41%) are also motivated to seek new/exciting activities.

Types of Holidays

The broader type of holidays preferred by the studied markets are beach/coast trips, city breaks, nature trips, visits to attractions, visits to relatives and friends, and walking or hiking trips. Specifically, 51% of Germans, 31% of French, 40% of Britons, and 24% of Spaniards prefer beach trips. City breaks are preferred by 41% of Germans, 31% of French, 38% of Britons, and 29% of Spaniards. Germans also show great interest in nature holidays (40%) and walking/hiking (29%).


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