Just three weeks from the start of the Paris 2024 Olympics the French capital’s metro station network and main streets were adorned with beautiful images of Greece.

In a perfectly timed promotional initiative, the Greek National Tourism Organization (EOT) realized its “out of home” campaign – from May 24 to June 13 – aimed at attracting the dynamic French audience and the millions of visitors set to arrive in Paris for the Olympic Games.

Images showing the beauties of Greece were found on over 2,000 buses in the Île-de-France region, which includes 172 communities, from central Paris to Versailles and Nanterre. The central slogan was “Greece, a life experience” (La Grèce – Une expérience de vie), complemented by the phrase “More than just a holiday” (Pas seulement des vacances).

Another campaign, which ran from June 18 to July 1, showcased the stunning beauty of Greece in the central Paris metro and the wider Île-de-France area.

The initiative included 120 large print ads in 110 metro stations and 10 digital ads on large digital screens. The posters and digital ads featured colorful Greek sunsets, sea depths, and sandy beaches, each theme corresponding to the colors of Olympic medals, gold, silver, and bronze, respectively.

Using the Olympic spirit of victory, the main message called on Parisians and the millions of visitors expected to descend on the French capital to visit Greece with the slogan: “Traveling to Greece this summer is a guaranteed victory” (Voyager en Grèce cet été est une victoire garantie).

The bus advertisements in Paris ahead of the 2024 Olympics are estimated to have garnered approximately 6.9 million unique viewers. More than 5.5 million passengers in total are believed to have seen the print and digital advertisements in the metro.

Source: tovima.com

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