The political leadership of the Ministry of Environment and Energy is working on a plan for the extension of the responsibilities of the Energy Regulatory Authority (ERA) to waste management.

Minister Costas Skrekas has accepted suggestions and proposals for taking a legislative initiative so that the Authority can follow similar examples of other European and International Regulators.

The issue was also raised by the president of ERA Athanasios Dagoumas during the press conference applauding the moves of the Energy Minister.

As he said, there are similar examples of the Italian Regulatory Authority, while he also referred to the case of Singapore. “We are honored by the recent public position of Mr. Skrekas for the expansion of ERA’s activities in the cyclical economy”, said Mr. Dagoumas. He noted that the Authority has studied similar Authorities as in Singapore.

It should be noted that recently the Minister during a meeting with the Ambassador of Italy in Greece Patricia Falcinelli had asked for information on the role of the Italian regulatory authority, which in addition to energy and waste also has responsibilities for water.

Mr. Dagoumas also referred to the multidimensional role that the Regulators can play, on the economics and energy diplomacy front. He cited the French Authority as such an example.

ERA, however, according to its president needs empowerment with new staff, managerial personnel, and salaries. According to him, this is not a union or trade union demand but an issue of upgrading an institution of the country.

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