During today’s meeting of the Central Council for Urban Issues and Disputes (KESYPOTHA), chaired by the Secretary General of Spatial Planning and Urban Environment, Efthymios Bakogiannis, a number of important urban and architectural issues were discussed and resolved. In particular, the following was approved as regards the so-called Athens Riviera:

Municipality of Glyfada – Modification of the Design Study of the Hotel complex “ASTERIA GLYFADA” and the former Nightclub “ASTERIA” in Zones 2b and 4b respectively.

For the Modification of the Design Study of the Hotel complex “ASTERIA GLYFADA” and the former Nightclub “ASTERIA”  alterations and interventions within the area were proposed, which result mainly from newer design needs, changes in use, as well as new engravings related to outdoor configurations, routes, entrances, etc.

KESYPOTHA ruled that the Study meets the specifications at the urban level, manages issues critical to the quality of public space, the aesthetic and environmental upgrade of this coastal area and takes into account and respects the forest, environmental and archaeological law. Indicatively, it is mentioned that according to the decision of KESYPOTHA:

– the proposed bike path will communicate with the planned bike path of Poseidonos Avenue,

– the two archeological walks will be connected with integrated layout and materials,

– access to archeological sites and the coast will be open to the public,

– the planting will consist exclusively of endemic species of the Mediterranean coastal flora etc.

It is reminded that the total area of ​​the complex amounts to 271,709.34 sq.m. (234,241.53 sq.m. without the seafront section). The Architectural study – revision of the building permit has received a positive opinion from the Central Council of Architecture and from the competent Services of the Ministry of Culture . It has also received Environmental terms (2015 and 2016) from the Decentralized Administration.

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