The Minister of Rural Development and Food, Sp. Livanos, announced the drafting of a national strategy for the promotion of Greek olive oil around the world, as well as the formulation of a studied and targeted action plan, during his greeting at an event entitled “Greek olive oil. The marketing networks of olive oil from the milling stage to the final consumer: Is the 16 kg tin a solution or a problem?”

“As a state, it is our obligation to do everything possible to protect, facilitate, and enhance its production and promotion in international markets. We have to exploit and highlight the potential of the Greek olive sector even more, making Greek olive oil globally synonymous with quality”, Mr Livanos pointed.

In fact, in order to achieve this goal, he announced that two working groups were set up at the Ministry of Regional Development and Infrastructure, one for olive oil and one for olives, which consist of reputable scientists, representatives of the real market, and experts. These two working groups will work on shaping the national strategy, giving solutions to chronic problems, correcting mistakes and changing bad mentalities from the past. “This policy is part of a broad and ambitious, comprehensive program for the Greek Nutrition and Greek products, which will highlight their distinct nutritional superiority and give them added value inside and outside Greek borders,” said the Minister of Rural Development and Food.

Regarding the production for the period 2020-2021, according to the latest available data, it is estimated that it is 275,000 tons, ie at the same levels as last year. While, in terms of the prices of extra virgin olive oil in the first weeks of May show an upward trend, with Messinia at 3.30 € / kg, Laconia 3.25 € / kg and Chania at 3.10 € / kg. Finally, olive oil exports from October 2020 to March 2021 are at a fairly good level and have reached about 100,000 tons.

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