The ground temperature in the center of Athens exceeded 55 degrees Celsius, as recorded by a drone that flew over the city on Sunday.

The drone flights over the Acropolis and Omonia Square were made using a thermal camera, which were carried out by the Up Stories team in collaboration with

The videos show some snapshots from the Sacred Rock of the Acropolis where the ground temperature exceeded 55 ° C locally (deep red and white), as well as in the historic center of Athens, in Omonia Square.

At the same time, the air temperature according to the meteorological stations of the National Observatory of Athens / in the center of Athens ranged between 36-37 ° C. The highest temperature values ​​were recorded on the asphalt and roofs of old buildings with air conditioning units (above 60 ° C), and the lowest values ​​on the facades of new buildings and the new fountain in Omonia Square (up to 35 ° C).

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