The renovation works of the lower Syntagma Square, with a total area of ​​1,000 square meters, started last Saturday and are in full swing.

According to the relevant announcement of the municipality, the renovation had been foreseen since 2004 on the occasion of the Olympic Games and the current projects are the first of what is included in the Grand Walk that will take its final form, as the period of pilot implementation is completed.

The budget for the renovation amounts to 1.3 million euros and is financed entirely by European resources (NSRF).

The aim is for the relevant work to be completed in the next six months. Among other things, there will be a new pavement of marble slabs in the entire lower square, while at the exit of Ermou the paving will be done with cobblestones, so that Ermou is aesthetically integrated with the Syntagma square. At the same time, gray marble slabs will add rhythm to the pavement. In addition, two longitudinal pergolas will be constructed to provide additional shading and to organize the benches.

Finally, it is planned to install new modern lighting, compatible with the location and the architecture of the space. On the right side of Filellinon Street in the direction of traffic, in the section between Karageorgi Serbia and Ermou the average width of the sidewalk is 7.80 m. While in the section between Ermou and Mitropoleos the average width of the extension is 5.20 m .

The new square will feature 28 new large trees that will potentially contribute to the microclimate of the square. At the same time, large benches will be placed near the trees, which will offer comfortable seating. New urban equipment will be installed (trash cans, two public fountains, rain gutters, tree grids, etc.).

Also, a modern passage will be created to the “central” square of Syntagma, more friendly that will create conditions for additional road safety and will functionally interconnect the pedestrian flows. Luminaires on the road surface, synchronized with the traffic lights, will create a sense of extra security, especially in the evening.

Traffic will not be disturbed

The announcement of the municipality underlines that “the main concern was and is to cause the least possible burden on the people who move, work and do their shopping in the area. For this reason, the project is being carried out gradually in three sections. Once one section is completed, construction will proceed to the next, so that two sections remain fully operational to serve the movement of pedestrians at the site. In addition, many of the works are performed at night to reduce the nuisance.”

As for the movement of other vehicles and public transport, nothing changes. The traffic lanes remain four between Karagiorgi, Serbia and Ermou, while from the section Ermou to Mitropoleos, the lanes remain three for vehicles and a second bus lane is added. Also, during the works phase, the bus and trolleybus routes are carried out normally, and the boarding and disembarking of their passengers takes place smoothly. When the renovation is completed, five new shelters will be placed in the lower Syntagma Square at the bus stops, larger than the existing ones, in order to provide protection to a larger number of passengers.

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