Ruling New Democracy (ND) party is given an 11.9-percentage point lead over main opposition SYRIZA party – based on an extrapolation of valid answers – in a latest opinion poll presented on a prime-time Athens newscast on Thursday evening.

The poll, conducted by the MRB firm, shows center-right ND preferred by 37.8 percent of respondents, followed by leftist SYRIZA with 25.9 percent. Another four smaller parties, all currently represented in Parliament, are shown with support of above 3 percent, meaning re-entry into Parliament if the poll results materialized in a real election.

Without an extrapolation of the valid responses, the difference is 10.9 percentage points, a still a double-digit gap for the ruling party even after a particularly difficult summer plagued by devastating wildfires and a continued pandemic.

The poll results, the first after political leaders’ appearance and addresses at an annual trade show in Thessaloniki, were presented on the Athens-based Star Channel.

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