The largest and most popular Ferrari Owners’ Club of Italy, “PASSIONE ROSSA”, is located in Piraeus as of Thursday afternoon.

The luxury vehicles of the famous Italian brand are located in the big port for the “Ferrari Road Show – Piraeus 2021”, which takes place in the context of the city’s emblematic celebration “Days of the Sea”.

“PASSIONE ROSSA” has come for the first time in the big port of the Municipality of Piraeus from Friday 17 to Sunday 19 September. The event takes place in the context of the “Days of the Sea”, the celebration – institution of Piraeus, which takes place for the 7th consecutive year with free events throughout the city.

Thirty elegant authomobiles bearing the signature of the Italian brand – including the unique models, Enzo, Portofino, 360 Modena, California T, 458 Speciale, Mondial, 355 F1, are being presented in Piraeus.

The 30 cars are parked in Pasalimani, where people have the opportunity to admire them up close and take pictures, while 30 super lucky people will have a dream experience, as they will have the opportunity to ride in one of the luxury Italian cars.

This is another action of extroversion of the Municipality of Piraeus and the Attica Region, which aims to place the city high on the map of tourist destinations, in another sector, that of motor sports.

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