The Greek stock market is currently trying to keep the levels of 881 points, against the pressures it is receiving from the majority of the titles, but also based on the strong rise of the index influencer Coca Cola. Thus, the general index is moving with losses of 0.34% at 881.05 points, but with a turnover of only 14 million euros.

The market decline since yesterday is attributed, according to analysts, more to the lack of purchasing power that could absorb the corrective moves that are reasonably manifested after a good first ten days of October. Of course, this reversal of the market, if not reversed, could lead to lower levels again, given that the climate, both internationally and domestically, is affected by the ongoing energy crisis.

Of course, this is not the only risk on the ATHEX, as there are risks from the imbalance of supply – demand for goods and inflation. If these risks materialize, the pace of recovery of the Greek economy may be reduced.

In such a context, Coca Cola with the + 1.03% that it records is trying to compensate the more than 1% losses in Viohalko, IPTO, EYDAP, Jumbo and Hellenic Petroleum. However, the negative sign of Piraeus, Mytilineos, National Bank, PPC, OPAP and OTE primarily affect the market image.

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