The sellers are gradually gaining ground in the Greek stock market, which although it was found even at 895 points, a little earlier, the selective pressures especially in the banking sector not only undercut profits, but also attempted to stay at 890 points.

The general index recorded losses of 0.14% at 889.38 points, with a turnover of around 25 million euros.

The signs are now mixed on the board, with the course of the banking industry now defining the final picture. Indicative of the picture is that the banking sector, while moving earlier up to + 0.72%, is currently recording losses of 0.67%, with the fall of the National Bank being the one that burdens the picture.

After the current inability of the market to move higher, now the scenario of folding in support of 880 units has a greater chances, confirming that the external environment does not allow risk taking on Athinon Avenue. If the international climate is not normalized, the ATHEX will not be able to attract funds that are willing to take a slightly higher risk in their choices.

In such an environment now, at the level of securities, Ellactor records losses of 9.03%, with Saranti, Aegean, Jumbo, Viohalco and National Bank also acting aggravatingly in the market. On the other hand, with Coca Cola moving with gains of 1.30% and PPC at + 1.19%, there is support in the market.

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