The invasion of the country continues unabated by severe storm front “Ballos”, which has so far left behind one dead in Evia and significant problems in many areas, including Attica.

The capital was caught in the eye of the intense weather phenomena from Thursday morning, with the wave, however – which has the main characteristic of the rains and the storms – remaining active and “striking” again.

The sky in Attica has already darkened since early noon and meteorologists are talking about dangerous phenomena that are in progress, which are expected to weaken by the afternoon.

As Giannis Kallianos warned earlier, a “core of storms” is coming from the Saronic Gulf and will move to Attica, as it did, as there is a strong storm in the capital.

“The weather is going to get worse. Attention,” he underscored.

Two strong fronts

On the same wavelength meteorologist Klearchos Marousakis, noted earlier that the barometric low was located in the northern Ionian, which is why the weather, at the time, in Attica was clear and sunny.

As he said, two very strong storm fronts are in progress:

One, as he explained to CNN, is developing towards the eastern Aegean and gives strong rains and thunderstorms, warning that a lot of attention is needed in the coming hours because it will hit the Dodecanese, the islands of the Eastern Aegean and will reach up to region of Halkidiki and the northeastern mainland.

As for the second storm front, it is swirling in the Ionian and affecting the islands of the Ionian Sea and the western parts of the mainland. This wave of bad weather brings instability to Attica, with the result that in the next hours, mainly in the afternoon, we will witness deterioration again from the southwest to the northeast.

Specifically, the areas that will be affected in the coming hours are the coasts of the Peloponnese, Attica, Boeotia, Evia and later again the Aegean islands will again receive large amounts of rain.

“Great attention is needed for the region of Attica, because we will have successive waves of storms in progress,” Mr. Marousakis points out in the same medium.

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