In June 2022, the electrical interconnection of Skiathos through Evia is expected to be put into operation, a budget project of 57 million euros was highlighted in an information event on the progress of the project organized by the Municipality of Skiathos. The conditions for achieving the timetable and the important role of good cooperation of the stakeholders for the successful implementation of the project were also discussed.

IPTO (Independent Power Transmission Authority) President and CEO Manos Manousakis, who participated in the discussion, said: “The time has come for Skiathos to join the interconnected system in June 2022. The Skiathos-Evia interconnection was contracted in December 2019 and it seems that its goal is interconnection within 2.5 years – in order to preempt the tourist season of 2022 – is possible. I would like to warmly thank the competent authorities and the local bodies for the good cooperation and support throughout the implementation of our project “.

The governor of Thessaly Costas Agorastos noted that “after many years of suffering due to increased needs for electricity in the summer months but adverse weather conditions in winter, residents and visitors of the Sporades islands will enjoy adequate and uninterrupted power supply. The new underwater connection of Skiathos with Mantoudi, Evia is a great project that positively affects the life and work of the inhabitants of the islands. Congratulations to IPTO and to those who gave the green light for the implementation of the interconnection “.

Finally, the mayor of Skiathos, Thodoris Tzoumas pointed out that “the project of the electrical interconnection of Skiathos, which will be completed in the coming months, will create conditions of energy autonomy and adequacy in Skiathos, Skopelos and Alonissos in winter-summer, upgrading the quality of life” He thanked IPTO for the sponsorship of the study for the restoration of the historic building “Bourtzi”, amounting to 2.1 million euros, which was approved by the Ministry of Culture and will be implemented by the Region of Thessaly with funds from the NSRF.

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