The professor of Intensive Care, Theodoros Vasilakopoulos, spoke about extending the obligation of vaccination in order to fight the spread of the virus.

As the professor explained, if compulsory vaccination is not extended to our country, then we will live in very difficult times, stating that such a choice would be smarter than imposing a lockdown. “In favor of the vaccine but against the obligation are empty words, there is a piece that is not convincing by scientists”, he added, speaking to SKAI TV.

The professor’s prediction for the next day of the pandemic was also ominous, expressing his confidence that there will be an epidemiological burden.

At the same time, he commented that it is terrible that our unvaccinated fellow citizens are not affected by the 30 to 50 dead every day.

In fact, Mr. Vasilakopoulos stated that in our country we have lost 120 young people (under 39 years old), a number which he characterized as tragic. “Now that we have the vaccine, we must not lose any more,” he added

Also commenting on the health adventure of the 35-year-old who spoke about his stay for 103 days in hospital, he stressed that hospitalization in the ICU is a tragic experience and that he was one of the lucky ones as a 30-40% admitted fails to survive.

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