The Achaean soft drink company Loux, ended up with the package of 42.34% of the water bottling industry of Dirfys , which it found in an auction in the previous days.

Of the remaining 58% of the company Dirfys, 51% remains with its head, Nikolaos Serras, as well as small shareholders.

The specific share package that was auctioned was owned by Nikas Participations. The price of the first offer was set at 766,427.64 euros, with the transaction concerning a package of 1,741,881 common registered shares of Dirfys.

Based on the latest published financial statements of the company for 2019, Nikas Holdings did not carry out any activity and had zero revenue.

The value of the share capital of “Dirfys Societe Anonyme for the Production and Bottling of Water and Soft Drinks”, located in the Municipality of Dirfion-Messapia of Evia, amounts to 4.114 million euros.

Lux enters the bottled water market

With this move, the soft drink company of the Marlafekas family, which has managed in the decade of crisis to double its sales, but also to significantly increase its exports, is expected to make its debut in the bottled water market.

As Mr. Giannis Marlafekas stated to, the business plan for the new investment will be co-decided with the shareholder of the company when the necessary formal procedures for the acquisition of the shares are completed.

The story of Dirfys water

1975 – The people who would become the founders of the company start distributing drinking water in Chalkida from springs in the area of ​​Dirfys by tanker.

‍1980 – K. Gerakinis & SIA OE is founded in the form of a peer company, a company for bottling water and carbonated beverages (orange juice, lemonade, soda).

1990 – Purchases of new machines with productivity of 7,000 bottles of 1.5lit per hour and 10,000 bottles of 0.5lit per hour.

1990 – The company records significant sales in Greece, but also abroad (Australia, United States of America, Saudi Arabia and Germany).

‍2001 – Modernization of the production process with the purchase of new machinery and replacement of old ones (replacement of PVC with PET).

‍2007 – The company is acquired by Nikas Holdings and transformed into a Societe Anonyme.

‍2007-2009 – Complete reconstruction of the factory building and purchase of new modern equipment from the French company Sidel and complete replacement of the old one. The amount of the investment exceeded 13,000,000 euros.

‍2010 – The company Dirfys SA starts its operation again, with sales throughout Greece and abroad.

Since 2010 the company implements the HACCP system, as well as the certified food and beverage quality assurance system according to the ISO 2200 standard.

IFS quality certification has been provided since 2015.

‍2019 – Dirfys is a Member of the HELLA-DIKA MAS Initiative, a community of purely Greek companies, in the framework of which the voice of Greek entrepreneurship is strengthened and actions and initiatives are carried out for the difficult task of restructuring the Greek Economy.

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