“The focus is the sector that was hit hardest, but also received the most,” said the Minister of Development and Investment, Mr. Adonis Georgiadis in an interview today with ANT1 television, emphasizing that he never said the word “ungrateful”.

In detail, Mr. Georgiadis regarding the reactions to the new measures for catering said: “With Mr. Skylakakis we made a big record of how much money has been given in total to the 85,000 food service companies by the Mitsotakis Government during the pandemic. It’s 2.3 billion.”

“It’s the industry that was hit hardest, but it also received the most. I never said the word “ungrateful”. My exact phrase was that “when in Maximou Mansion [the PM’s office] the retail sectors in front of the Prime Minister say that the focus has tripled, it is like ingratitude. SYRIZA picked it up, said that Georgiadis called them ungrateful and it turned into the well-known “carousel”.

“The major interest of both food service and trade is to celebrate with open shops. Since this is the major interest and the state de facto cannot be in all the restaurants of the country at the same time, someone has to undertake control. And the one with the biggest interest will do it. They must also put their backs a little until the pandemic is controlled. ”

Regarding the possibility of taking new measures, the Minister of Development stressed: “With the Committee of Experts, which meets every week, we discuss various measures. Therefore, measures can be taken according to the increase of the epidemiological risk. “What is not going to happen is a total lockdown.”

Regarding the disapproval of a delegation of the Parliament that tried to lay wreaths at the Polytechnic:

“Some have a proprietary perception of space and anniversary. They threw away the wreath with the Greek flag submitted by the Greek Parliament. They threw away the crown of democracy. If you want to celebrate the anniversary of the Polytechnic, you obviously honor democracy. All this is still one of the well-known absurdities of the Left.”

Finally, regarding the Prime Minister’s trip to London, Mr. Georgiadis said: “Because Mitsotakis “hurts” those in SYRIZA, I would suggest that they see what they said in the United Kingdom after the Prime Minister’s interview on a British television network. Do you know what they said? Let them take Johnson and give us Mitsotakis. He is such a good Prime Minister and you know it, but what can you do?

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