Grigoris Gerotziafas, professor of Hematology at the Sorbonne Medical School, spoke on the issues that have emerged after the pandemic, from cases and vaccines to masks and children.

In particular, the professor was hosted on the show “Mega Hour Society” and initially talked about the fifth wave of the coming pandemic.

As he said, we must “come to terms with the idea that the pandemic will not end tomorrow. The pandemic will last a long time, so we need to restructure the way we think. In France we are talking and preparing for the 5th wave. This is not rumormongering. The issue of compulsory vaccination over the age of 65 for the third dose was raised. The fifth wave will be the wave of vaccinated people who have not gotten the third dose. We know that in February the coverage of those who got the vaccine by June will end”, said Mr. Gerotziafas.

The vaccine is safe for children under 12 years

According to the professor, the vaccine is safe for children under 12 years of age.

“Informing the citizens plays a big role. The example of Portugal is typical, with the President of the Commission touring the country to persuade about vaccination. Separating the vaccinated from the unvaccinated at the moment is a methodological problem,” he said.

In particular, he stressed that vaccinated people who know they can transmit the virus should wear masks and keep their distance.

“The unvaccinated have ‘solidified'”

“The problem in Greece is that the unvaccinated have ‘solidified’. Only experience will make them change. Compulsory vaccination is part of the welfare state, but you can not constantly fight. People have questions many of which are concocted,” he said.

“Because vaccination is something that society, the state, demands from the citizens, there must be a return. In the case of the coronavirus it is the provision of care. At the same time, the state needs to say “look, I have organized treatment units for you, I have mobilized the private doctors in the city, so that when you have symptoms you can go to the doctor”, he concluded.

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