The value of the Greek-owned fleet recorded a significant increase, according to data published by the ship valuation company VesselsValue.

Greece maintains the third place in the relevant ranking that includes the countries with the largest merchant fleets in terms of value. However, the value of the Greek-owned fleet increased within ten months from $ 93.2 billion at the beginning of 2021 to $ 145.88 billion.

The Chinese fleet was in first place with a value of 191.25 billion. and the Japanese fleet came second with a value of 187.67 billion. USD

The classification of fleets based on their value may change more frequently as it depends on the value of the ships.

For example, the recent sharp rise in the value of container vessels has brought the Chinese to the forefront as they control a large fleet of containerships.


Also it must be noted that based on the carrying capacity of the fleet which is the most essential element of size comparison, the Greek-owned fleet is first in the world ranking with about 17% with the Chinese following in second place with about 11.5%.

Greek shipowners control the largest fleet of tankers ($ 41.55 billion), the third largest fleet of bulk carriers ($ 52.76 billion) and the first fleet of LNG Carriers. liquefied natural gas ($ 19.11 billion).

The Chinese are ahead in containerships ($ 78.8 billion) while second in bulkers ($ 53.21 billion) and second in tankers ($ 27.17 billion).

The Japanese rank first in bulkers ($ 62.9 billion), second in containerships ($ 49 billion) and second in LNG Carriers ($ 18.13 billion)

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