The HRADF, a member company of the Superfund (EESYP), is proceeding with the development of the property of the former warehouses of EOMMEX in Tavros, through an international bidding tender.

With an area of ​​almost 3,300 sq.m. and building factor 3, the property allows the development of buildings with a total area that can approach 10,000 sq.m.

In almost 80 years of life, the property of the former warehouses of EOMMEX went through various phases of operation and uses. In recent years it has remained as an inactive warehouse on a large plot. Now, through the HRADF competition, the opportunity is given for its rebirth, utilizing the many positive features it has.

The area

The area in which the property is located in the Municipality of Moschato-Tavros has permitted land uses of “Urban Center”, which result in significant potential for development, providing prospective investors the opportunity to choose from a wide list the possible way of development.

The property is characterized by a building as a newer monument with an area of ​​837 sq.m., which, after its restoration will be a landmark for the wider area and a reference point depending on the uses it will receive (eg uses of culture, food service etc.).

The property of the former EOMMEX is suitable for office buildings, residences, as well as health services, given its advantageous location within walking distance of two metro stations, Tavros and Petralona, ​​and a Suburban railway station. In addition, easy access from major roads (Piraeus, Hamosternas) and proximity to these, enhances the commercial use of the ground floor.

The competition of HRADF for its utilization will be conducted in one phase. The date of submission of bids is set for March 10, 2022.

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