According to information, the turnover of the Hellenic Supermarkets Sklavenitis group is moving with a higher percentage compared to the average of the organized retail food and fast food products sector, predicting that in 2021 it will have a positive sign for the industry leader.

The investment program implemented by Sklavenitis for the upgrade of its network stores also has a significant share in the upward trend of the revenues of the supermarket chain.

From 2017 until today, 325 stores have been renovated, most of which came from Marinopoulos, while according to sources close to the company, in 2022 it plans to upgrade another 40 stores, which are located in various parts of Greece with the aim of further improvement of the services it offers to its customers.

The renovation of the hypermarket of the chain located at 93-97 Athinon Avenue has already been completed. The renewed chain store is the largest Sklavenitis hypermarket in Athens, with an area of ​​over 8,000 sq.m.

It is recalled that the investment program of Sklavenitis for this year reached 50 million euros and was aimed at strengthening the sales network (opened 7 new stores), improving the services provided in physical stores (25 points were renovated), as well as strengthening of the e-commerce chain. Now, the chain’s online store has a presence in Attica, Larissa, Patras and Thessaloniki, while the group’s goal is to continue expanding to other cities in the region.

“Hidden” value

Apart from the record turnover made by the Greek Supermarkets Sklavenitis group in 2020 (3.79 billion euros), the other businesses of the Sklavenitis family are doing just as well.

The reason for the “unknown” group Glaros Sklavenitis paper industry interests with the famous products that fill the shelves of the 430 stores of the chain and not only.

The sales of the group in which the companies Baker Master, ANIKA, Bonora and Meat House are consolidated, last year, exceeded 83.54 million euros from 73.902 million euros. The net profit (before taxes) for the Group amounted to 20.45 million euros, recording an increase of 263.46% compared to 2019 when they hovered around 5.6 million euros.

The subsidiaries

The most important subsidiary, Baker Master Dough Products Industry SA, was founded in 2000 and is active in the confectionery sector specializing in the production of frozen dough products. ANIKA General Investment and Investment Services Company Societe Anonyme is a holding company, with its main participation in the related company Hellenic Supermarkets Sklavenitis, while “BONORA PC” is a company providing services for the management and organization of restaurants, cafes, patisseries and related businesses. Finally Meat House SA is active in the marketing, processing, standardization and packaging of all types of meat and was founded in February 2016.

Prospects for the future

In the financial report for the year 2020, the management of Glaros notes that “undoubtedly the course of the company during the sixteenth year of its operation was quite satisfactory” and states that “taking into account the ever-increasing competition and market conditions, high goals were set. and the strategy of the Company was drawn up, with the aim of its expansion, the increase of its turnover, the remarkable profitability and a prominent position in the market.”

For Baker Master, management states that a key priority for achieving its medium-term goals is to increase sales through large supermarket chains and improve results. In fact, the financial report also states that with this increase the fact of the amount of the company’s own funds will be addressed.

For ANIKA, the goal is to increase the profitability through the dividends received from the related company Hellenic Supermarkets Sklavenitis and in connection with the full repayment of its loan obligations that took place in 2016, the forecasts for the future are considered satisfactory.

For BONORA, it is emphasized that undoubtedly its course during the sixth year of its operation was quite satisfactory and as a goal for the current year, its further development and the increase of profitability has been set.

Finally, regarding Meat House, the management of the group states that its course during the fifth fiscal year of its operation was more efficient than the previous one, a fact that is also reflected in the profitable result of the fiscal year. In this context, it is expected that

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