The construction of 70 MW photovoltaic power, in Mavrodendri, Kozani, was announced by Enel Green Power (EGP), a member of the Enel Group. The investment reaches 55 million euros and the production of photovoltaics is estimated at 106 GWh per year, while the commercial operation is expected in the summer of 2023. With its completion the total installed capacity of the company in the prefecture of Kozani will reach 108 MW.

“Ennel Green Power is developing in Greece a portfolio of 1.7 GW, which includes wind, photovoltaic and RES projects in combination with batteries, as well as autonomous batteries. “Western Macedonia is a key priority of our investment plan,” said Aristotelis Handavas, Head of Europe at Enel Green Power. “With our new photovoltaic we support Greece to achieve its environmental goals, while with the innovative educational program we strengthen the fair transition to Western Macedonia and at the same time show that the development of RES can be combined with agricultural cultivation. Next summer we are waiting for the first series of products in Greece that will have been produced in a photovoltaic park, in Vamvakies “.

Vamvakies a Social Green Project is a joint initiative of Enel Green Power and Wise Greece in collaboration with the Cluster of Economy and Environment of Western Macedonia (CluBE) and with the support of the Municipality of Kozani. This is a series of seminars, which starts on December 7 and aims to provide participants with the necessary tools to engage in agri-food entrepreneurship. The course includes from market needs analysis and internet product promotion (digital marketing) to business plan preparation, acquaintance with financial tools and production of competitive foods. The seminars, which will be either live or online, depending on the evolution of the epidemiological burden, will performed by Wise Greece trainers.

In parallel with the seminars, and for the first time in Greece, aromatic plants will be cultivated, such as paliouri and mountain tea, in a photovoltaic park. In particular, in the photovoltaic park “Vamvakies” of Enel Green Power, which is located next to Polymylos, a group of women from the Hellespont, will be equipped with the necessary tools and materials for planting, will receive training and will cultivate some parts of the photovoltaic park, based on a study by CluBE. Then, they will market the final products and use the income to grow their business, effectively signifying the first line of agricultural products from a photovoltaic project.

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