Greece is called to exploit its competitive advantage in specific forms of tourism, in relation to its competitors,  in order to create the conditions that will increase the tourist income on a permanent basis. Besides, the increase of tourism revenues consists a long-term strategy of the public and private sector, in the tourism sector, as any development (positive or negative) is reflected in the economy, but also in the society, in general.

The president of the Association of Greek Tourism Enterprises (SETE), Yiannis Retsos, in the athenian and macedonian news agency stated that “No one remembers arrival numbers anymore and no one sets arrival goals. What everyone thinks is just the revenue.”

In order to highlight the points that will give a boost to the tourist income, the athenian and macedonian news agency asked for the views of all bodies involved in the tourism economy.

Greece could earn 13.6 billion euros

In particular, the country, in just five yerars, could gain 13.6 billion euros and create 173,000 vacancies from senior tourism, home sales and long-term stays for foreigners, medical and spa tourism. Moreover, the wellness tourism, which is aimed mainly at healthy people, offering various services to improve their mental or physical health, consists another form of tourism that could bring more revenue to the Greek economy, as pointed out by Dr. Fay Makantasi.

In the case of tourist ports and marinas, the strategic management plan proposed by the diANEOsis survey could yield up to 5,164 new berths, generating €600 million – directly and indirectly – with additional annual revenue and 8.5 thousand additional permanent jobs.

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