The Greek Economic Summit, for more than three decades, has been the platform that plays an important role in the political and economic developments in the country. Through its intervening role, being a bridge between international ecosystems and Greece, it highlights the central issues and trends that are at the heart of a global dialogue. The 32nd GES event is taking place at a time of transition and search for a new narrative that will redefine growth, taking into account concepts such as inclusion, diversity and sustainability. In this context, the big bet for Greece is the formation of a competitive institutional, educational and business ecosystem.

At GES_2021, December 6-8, we aim to highlight all those axes that make up this new narrative, bringing to the table interlocutors from the global ecosystem that play a key role in shaping policies linking social cohesion to economic efficiency, highlight technological innovation as a lever for inequality and inclusive growth and frame new financial tools and methods.

At stake in this new treaty is the recognition of both the challenges and the threats posed by the new and uncharted landscape. Challenges and threats the democracy, the environment, the creative economy have to face. And all these parametres will be at heart of the dialogue that will take place in the context of the conference. A dialogue that essentially approaches technocratic concepts such as the Recovery and Sustainability Plan, privatizations, public spending restructuring and digital transformation.

The 32nd GES is taking place at a time when we are no longer just discussing the integration of investment giants in the country, but we are monitoring their functional integration into our economy, through the diffusion of know-how, the attraction of high-level staff and the empowerment of local communities. Investments such as those of Cisco, Pfizer, Delloite, are an inherent part of our society, giving an additional message of investment continuity and consistency of the Greek business ecosystem.

At the American-Hellenic Chamber of Commerce, we will continue with a sense of responsibility to support all those initiatives that lead the country to an extroverted growth path. GES 2021 is part of these initiatives, and in the three days of its work, it will leave its mark on this transition to the new era and on the redefinition of growth into a new and sustainable regularity.


The Greek Economic Summit 2021, is organized December 6-8, by the American-Hellenic Chamber of Commerce, in collaboration with the Athens Stock Exchange and the strategic partnership of the US Chamber of Commerce and the Atlantic Council.

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*Nikolaos Bakatselos is the president of theAmerican-Hellenic Chamber of Commerce.

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