Since the announcement of the PCR measures for those entering our country, many reservations may have been “frozen” while cancellations of some international events were recorded, however, the optimism for a better year still exists among the hotel agents of the country.

Circles of the Lampsas Group, which controls the emblematic Grande Bretagne Hotel in Syntagma, commenting on the imposition of the PCR test, noted yesterday that the reservations of the first quarter for the 12-month operating hotels and especially the city hotels seem to be negatively affected. However, the same circles added that in general the feeling is obvious that 2022 will be much better than 2021.

The group already forecasts revenue for 2022 at the level of 80-85% of 2019 for the hotels Grande Bretagne

and King George. In 2021 they are expected to close at the levels of 60% of 2019, while for Sheraton Rhodes in 2021 it closed with a performance at 50% of 2019 and for 2022 it is predicted that it will approach the levels of 85% of 2019

The third hotel of the group in Syntagma, the brand new Athens Capital MGallery, has made a very good start, which is the first venture of the hotel giant of Accor for the luxury brand “MGallery”.

It is noted that the group has in the pipeline another investment project in the property owned by e-EFKA, on Zalokosta Street, for which it has bid in the long-term concession tender and intends to create apartments-suites there, a market that shows a significant increase.

Finally, very good performance for both this year that closes and for next year have been presented by the group’s units in Belgrade with the prospect of recovering the performance of 2019 at a rate of 80% to 90% for 2022, while this year the lag was close at 35%.

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