The Attica Region, in cooperation with the Ministry of Development and Investment and the competent Directorates, completed in the first week of January the disbursement of the remaining amount of 54.7 million euros to the EFEPAE (Intermediate State Aid Management Agency) in order to the approximately 2,500 companies for which the payment of the non-repayable aid was pending.

Possibility of capital use in 2022

At the same time, on the initiative of the Governor of Attica Giorgos Patoulis and the actions of the Managing Authority of the Attica Region, it was possible to distribute the working capital within the year 2022, extraordinally, for specific cases of companies.

Specifically, it was issued with no. 3760 / 23.12.2021 modification of the invitation (ΑΔΑ: 94Ρ87Λ7-ΗΦΜ), which provides that:

“Exceptionally, the beneficiaries / companies in which

i) the working capital payment will be made within 2022 or
ii) were closed by state order and ceased to operate for a period after 1/7/2021 and regardless of the year of payment of the aid (2021 or 2022), may, upon request, during the verification of the beneficiary’s obligations after the completion of the transaction, request the obligation to use the paid-up working capital for the year 2022 ”

195 million to 7,300 companies

Finally, we note that to date, approximately € 195 million have been disbursed and more than 7,300 small and micro-enterprises have been supported, out of a total of 9,855 companies, whose funding applications have been approved, to receive a non-repayable aid stipend of up to 40,000 euros.

Commenting on the issue, Attica Governor Dr. Patoulis stressed: “Consistent with our commitments to the small businesses of Attica, we give financial them the “breathing space” to shield them from the consequences caused by the pandemic in the economy”

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