There may have been some upheaval in the first hour of the session, but now the Greek stock market is again finding the way to keep rising, creating a safety cushion at 950 points.

In particular, the general index gained 0.71% to 957.12 points, with the turnover already exceeding 40 million euros.

It is important that trading activity in the market has not declined, as was the case at an early stage of an upcoming general index reversal to lower levels. Instead, the ATHEX seems to want to keep the seven-year high, ie above 950 points, even if within this margin allows several securities to make their internal corrections.

After all, these corrective actions show that the aim is to improve the liquidity of the portfolios and not to reduce exposure. So the next bet is to finish the week above 950 points, with the introduction of new funds that can absorb any pressures that may manifest at these levels.

In terms of securities now, Aegean is leaping by 2.29%, with Alpha Bank, Mytilineos, OTE, EYDAP, Ethniki, Viochalko, PPC, Coca Cola and Piraeus assisting in the rise. GEK Terna, Eurobank, Jumbo and OPAP are the titles that receive a little more waves of securing profits.

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