Hellenic Post (ELTA) is gradually gaining lost ground. The ongoing transformation changes the image of the company with the result that large Greek Groups return to ELTA for the distribution of mail and abills, such as recently EYDAP, while the distribution of parcels attracts international brands with ADIDAS and H&M being the latest additions, after Amazon.

In fact, according to information, the Management of ELTA is in discussions with other Groups for the signing of agreements that will strengthen the company’s presence in the last mile of e-commerce.

The most recent development is the “return”, through a court carousel, also of the distribution of EYDAP bills. The court ruling that came out late last year paved the way for the deal, permanently closing a dispute that lasted more than 2 years over the water company’s tender. The offer of ELTA emerged as completely legal and the most economically advantageous, leading to the signing of the two-year contract shortly before the change of the year in 2021.

The outcome of the case that had led to a large revenue gap for the water company and had caused great upset to consumers in recent months due to arrhythmias in the distribution of bills. The new two-year contract with ELTA provides for a cost of 0.27 euros per bill.

In the last two years, the Management’s moves have focused on the return of large business groups to ELTA, in order to consolidate a climate of trust in ELTA in the particularly sensitive issue of the timely sending of bills throughout the country.

The trend is expected to have a significant impact on the company’s financial figures, as revenues from the distribution of accounts and correspondence for large customers are estimated to exceed 44 million euros in 2021. It is noted that the first results of the transformation program have already been seen in financial figures, with profitability for 2021 exceeding, according to information, 10 million euros, following the course of 2020 when they had recorded 9.6 million euros.

Recently, a number of large Greek business groups, after a competitive process, selected ELTA as a provider of postal services. These include, among others, PPC, the OTE / COSMOTE group, the National Bank, Eurobank, Alpha Bank, Protergia, Elpedison, ZENITH, Nova and the European Loyalty and Interamerican insurance groups.

At the same time, in the parcel distribution services, recently, after the vote of confidence of Amazon, other international companies followed, most recently ADIDAS and H&M, which have come directly or through their European distributors to an agreement for the distribution of their products in Greece.

Two years of transformation and change

In the last two years, the management of ELTA, in the context of the transformation, has been making a systematic effort to combine the timeless social role of the Group that is present in every corner of the Greek territory, with optimal services that meet the demanding contemporary conditions. At the heart of the efforts is the Digital Transformation of ELTA, which began with the installation of the robotic object sorting system, and will be deployed in the coming months with the implementation of the Digital Post Office and Smart Lockers programs.

The goal of the management of ELTA is for the company to develop into a state-of-the-art, reliable and fully competitive service provider, which will cover the postal needs of Greek citizens, while offering them the opportunity to serve, through the new advanced applications, every need for delivery, receipt and electronic payment. Thus shaping new data for the service of every Greek citizen in any part of the country.

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