The worsening of the climate crisis has forced the upgrading of the standards of durability of critical infrastructures of the country’s electricity system, according to a statement issued by IPTO, due to extreme weather events.

As emphasized in the relevant announcement, in this context, the Administrator has placed the strengthening of the security and the resilience of the National Transmission System at the center of the medium-term planning strategy.

• At the end of 2020, IPTO proceeded with a significant upgrade of the rolling Asset Renewal Program, which it prepared and implemented for the first time in 2018.

• The Administrator increased the initial budget of the Program from 80 million euros to 200 million euros and formulated an expanded and forward-looking Asset Renewal Program, which provides for the replacement of 60% of the existing components of the System, with a horizon of 2026.

• Each piece of equipment over the age of 24 is included in the rolling 6-year renewal cycles.

Forward-looking design

Indicative of the forward-looking nature of the Fixed Assets Renewal Program 2021-2026 is that the most critical equipment of the System will have been completely renewed by the end of 2023, while almost all 400 kV switches (69 out of 74) will have been replaced by 2024.

In absolute numbers, with the completion of the Program in 2026, over 1,300 components of main equipment in the High and Ultra High Voltage electrical system will have been replaced by state-of-the-art technology equipment.

Acceleration of projects in 2021

From 2021, the first year of implementation of the expanded Fixed Assets Renewal Program, IPTO significantly accelerated the pace of completion of critical electrical equipment renewal projects.

It is characteristic that only last year, the Administrator replaced or completely renovated 74 pieces of equipment, while the corresponding projects completed during the three years 2018-2020 were 76.

At this rate, it is estimated that the Program can be completed before 2026, depending on the possibilities of the coming years.

Modernization of the Transmission System throughout the country

IPTO ensures the modernization of electrical infrastructure throughout the geographical area of ​​the interconnected System.

With the completion of the current Fixed Renewal Program 2021-2026, the Administrator will have completed 268 equipment replacements in Northern Greece, 327 in Central Greece and western Macedonia, 438 in Central Greece and the Cyclades, 322 in western Greece and the Peloponnese.

At the same time, in the same vein, it is launching important technological upgrade projects of the System of Crete, which have been integrated in the new Ten-Year Development Plan 2023-2032.

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