The Minister of Development and Investment, Adonis Georgiadis, spoke to public broadcaster ERT1 this morning about the measures to strengthen households announced by the government in order to reduce the impact of inflation on electricity and gas bills, noting that “the government and the prime minister realized that there was a real problem with that and they acted earlier than the European Union.”

Answering a question whether the subsidies for the electricity bills of consumers and professionals could be obtained earlier, he answered in the negative, emphasizing that if there is a retroactive character, the criticism leveled by the opposition does not make sense.

“The measures could not have been taken earlier because the main point created by the fiscal space to take the measures was the final results of how we went in 2021. We went 2% better in terms of the deficit. “This created an additional fiscal space that we used to help our fellow citizens,” said Mr Georgiadis. which is a very big intervention “.

There is no power cut-offs for those who do not have the means to pay

Answering a question about the power cut-offs by power providers and whether they have increased, the minister said that “this year we have the fewest power cut-offs” and that “it is obvious that there are no power cut-offs for those who do not have the means to pay”. However, as he added, “if someone has the means to pay and does not pay, then they should be cut off from electricity”.

Commenting on the opposition’s reactions after the announcement of the electricity measures, he said: “SYRIZA who is now shedding tears had cut off electricity to 240,000 households in one year.”

Speaking about the developments in the world economy caused by the Russian invasion of Ukraine, he stressed that the war completely changed the global economy. He also referred to the EU’s obstruction of intervention for the benefit of European citizens, saying: “I find it inconceivable that the EU sees the energy crisis without intervening quickly.”

Focusing on the issue of energy inflation, he pointed out that “we commissioned the independent Energy Regulatory Authority (RAE) to tell us how much of the companies’ super profits to tax by 90%.”

The adjustment clause was voted in by now-main opposition SYRIZA

Regarding the adjustment clause, he added that “it is pan-European legislation and in Greece it was voted in and implemented by SYRIZA”.

Mr. Georgiadis spoke to ERT about whether the government announced the measures for energy under pressure from public opinion, claiming that “none of us cares about the polls” and added that he believes in the judgement of the Greek people.

Asked about the elections and the course of New Democracy, he said that “our main goal was, when we took over the government, to change the image of the country at home” and added that Greece is today a country with a vision.

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