Athenian Brewery is taking action for fire-stricken North Evia, seeking the support of the local community, after the catastrophic fires that hit the region in the summer of 2021.

The company’s action plan is based on two pillars:

• On the one hand, the support of the effort for the construction of an environmentally and economically sustainable future, through the participation of the company in the Reconstruction Program of Northern Evia under Stavros Benos and the co-financing of the study of the Special Urban Planning of the Municipality of Istiaia – Aidipsos. This study is of strategic importance, as it will be the basis of reconstruction, defining the rules (environmental, residential, land use, etc.) for the reconstruction throughout the geographical area of ​​the fire-affected area.

• On the other hand, the immediate restoration of damages in the 1st Primary School of Istiaia and in the Gymnasium – Lyceum of Limni, with environmentally friendly interventions, so that the students of the schools return in the new school year, in a renewed school environment. Especially in the Gymnasium – Lyceum of Limni, a standard “green” roof will be created, which will contribute to the improvement of the energy efficiency of the building, but also of the atmosphere, creating a modern space for use by the students.

Meetings with representatives of the local government

On Friday, May 6, a delegation of the management of Athenian Brewery visited Northern Evia and held meetings with representatives of the local government of the affected areas and specifically Mr. George Tsapournioti, Mayor of Mantoudi – Limni – Agia Anna, and Giannis Kotzia, Mayor of Istiaia – Edipsos, where the actions of the company were discussed and views were exchanged on the next day of the area.

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