The development of the property of the former warehouses of EOMMEX in Tavros was assigned to MRP TAVROS SA, following a decision of the Board of Directors of the Hellenic Republic Asset Development Fund –  HRADF, which declared it the bid winner.

The financial offer of ΜRP TAVROS SA is of a total amount of 2.5 million euros.

The tender dossier will be submitted to the Court of Auditors for pre-contractual audit, and the contract will be signed after the approval of the Court of Auditors.

The area in which the property of the former warehouses of EOMMEX is located in the Municipality of Moschato-Tavros has permitted uses of land of “Urban Center”, from which emerge significant development possibilities, giving investors the opportunity to choose from a wide list the possible way of development. of.

On the property is a building characterized as a newer monument with an area of ​​837 sq.m. After its restoration, it will be a landmark for the wider area and a reference point depending on the uses it will receive.

Fruitless competition for Itea marina

Regarding the tender for the development of the Itea marina, the Board of Directors of HRADF declared it barren.

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