Even more intense is the presence of the cruise ship company Costa Cruises in Greece with 253 approaches this year and 279 approaches in 2023.

Greece has great potential for development and we also address the Greek public, said Alessandro-Bottaro, Commercial Director of the company presenting the cruise ship Costa Venezia which together with Costa Deliziosa will make 8-day and 15-day cruises from Pei to Mediterranean.

According to the representative of Costa Cruises, referring to the international presence of the company, for this year 11 of the 12 ships of its fleet are already at sea and by the end of the year the 12th cruise ship will start sailing.

Regarding the trends prevailing in the cruise sector, Mr. Bottaro noted that the number of passengers under the age of 40 is constantly increasing, while another element he noted is that the average cost in each port is 75 euros per passenger, without costs incurred by the ship.


According to its announcements, Costa Cruises offers Greek cruise lovers different opportunities to board from the port of Piraeus, choosing between 8-day or 15-day itineraries in the Eastern Mediterranean, which take place with Costa Venezia and Costa Deliziosa.

The Costa Venezia program includes a brand new route, with boarding and disembarking in Piraeus and longer stays in the ports of arrival so that passengers have plenty of time to enjoy destinations. From the beginning of May to November 18, 2022, Costa Venezia carries out a 15-day “super tour”, staying longer than 10 hours in 8 ports of approach in Turkey and Greece.

The trip includes a two-day overnight stay in Istanbul, the beautiful destinations of Izmir and Bodrum, Mykonos and Athens and two two-night overnight stays in Istanbul and Kusadasi, Turkey before departing for Rhodes and Kora.

In winter 2022-23, Costa Venezia will offer a 12-day itinerary to Turkey, Egypt, Israel and Cyprus: Istanbul (overnight stay), Bodrum, Limassol, Haifa (overnight stay) Alexandria and Kusadasi. From the spring of 2023, the route from Piraeus will start again.

Apart from Costa Venezia, from October 19 to November 18, Costa Deliziosa will offer Greek visitors the opportunity to easily board Piraeus for cruises in the Eastern Mediterranean, with routes to Italy, Croatia and Montenegro.

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