Latsco Shipping Ltd will add to its fleet in 2022 four newly built VLCC type tankers. which were built at the Hyundai Heavy Industries shipyards in South Korea, , marking its return to the field of very large tankers. Construction of the VLCCs began in July 2021.

The naming ceremony of the first two ships, “GIANNIS LATSIS” and “ERIETTA LATSI”, took place last Monday, May 30 at the shipyards of Hyundai Heavy Industries with the Ambassadors of Greece to the Republic of Korea, Mrs. Ekaterini Loupa, and Ms. Han, wife of the CEO of the yard. The other two will be delivered by October this year. All will be under the Greek flag.

Important moment

The head of Latsco, Mr. Paris Kasidokostas-Latsis, on the occasion of the event said: “This is a very important and moving moment for my family and for Latsco. The new ships are the flagship of our fleet, which is growing and modernizing at a rapid pace. I want to thank and congratulate the staff of the company, who contributed to the completion of the project “.


The tankers “GIANNIS LATSIS” and “ERIETTA LATSI” are 330 meters long and 60 meters wide. Their capacity is 341,000 m3. The specifications comply with the strictest environmental regulations and have state-of-the-art systems, aiming at maximum environmental protection and optimal energy savings. The ability to monitor the operation of the ship’s systems from a distance, from the office, in combination with the continuous assessment of the overall condition and operational readiness, through digital equipment and high precision telemetry technology, further enhances optimal energy management and environmental protection.

With the addition of four new VLCC’s tankers and the completion of the shipbuilding program for 2022, Latsco’s total fleet is growing to 39 ships, up from 11 it owned nine years ago when Paris Kasidokostas-Latsis took over. Of these, 11 are MR type tankers, 5 are LR2 tankers, 9 are LPG and 2 are LNG.

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