Government spokesperson Yiannis Economou began the daily press briefing on Thursday by referring to a visit by the Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis to the city of Kalamata, to attend a conference on growth and the new EU financing programmes in 2021-2027.

“In the last three years Greece managed to climb from the 19th to the top position for the absorption of [EU funds]”, Economou said, underlining that “this did not come about by accident but was the result of a comprehensive plan, knowhow, hard work and efficiency”.

Referring to rising prices, he said that “the government continues and will continue to seek ways to ease the burden created by the global crisis for society and enterprises. We are certain that we are doing and will continue to do whatever we can in order to moderate the impact of the imported price hikes on Greek households and businesses”.

Concluding, Economou said that Mitsotakis will address the European Parliament in Strasbourg, on Tuesday, 5 July at 10:30 local time, at the invitation of European Parliament President Roberta Metsola, in the context of the debates held in the Europarliament with European leaders. The premier will present the Greek government’s achievements, which will very soon lead to an exit from the enhanced surveillance regime, as well as its plans and priorities for the coming period, he said.

Responding to questions regarding migration, Economou stated that the government’s policy respects international rules and shows that Greece is governed by the rule of law. “We are protecting our borders and saving human lives. We abide by the rule of law. The government investigates any complaints or observations that are made. What it will definitely not permit is a return to the conditions we experienced in migration in the previous years. Conditions of chaos that were extreme insulting for the migrants and refugees that were in Greece”, Economou explained.

Referring to Greek-Turkish affairs, he stated that Greece is sending clear messages: “Greece has no intention of engaging or increasing the tension in the region. Our positions are based on international law. We communicate them to the international community and are pleased to see their acceptance is increasing. The country does not back down on matters of national sovereignty and sovereign rights. We have right on our side, we have our allies at our side and we have the deterrent capability to deal with any challenge,” he said.

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