The road, railway, and flood control projects with a budget of close to 2 billion euros will change the face of Western Greece.

The region, which has remained a backwater in terms of infrastructure, will see within the year, a new page turning, starting with the delivery of the Amfilochia bypass at the end of the summer. This will be followed by projects that have remained stagnant for decades, such as Patras – Pyrgos, Amvrakia Odos, and Patras – Athens the railway connection.

The first 56 km Patras – Pyrgos road axis will open to traffic in 36 months, according to the Deputy Minister of Infrastructure, Mr. George Karagiannis, while four months later the entire 74, 5 km-long project will be delivered, with a budget of 332 million euros.

The sum of 30 million euros has been allocated for the road safety project for the current road, which has been the site of many fatal accidents. The project is to be completed in early 2023, in order to ensure safer travel until the new highway is built.

The 32.2 km long Aktio – Amvrakia roadway is progressing, and includes a connection with the Ionian Road Highway. The first milestone of this project is the 17 km long Amfilochia bypass, which will solve the traffic congestion in the city. The bypass will be delivered within the summer and the entire Aktio – Amvrakia project will be put into operation in 2023.

Infrastructure projects of 300 million euros in Aitoloakarnania

Especially for Aitoloakarnania, projected works are budgeted at over 300 million euros, including important projects for the management of water resources. These include the construction of an irrigation and drainage network to serve an area of ​​3,800 acres, in Amvrakia, Amfilochia and Valtos, with a budget of 64.5 million euros. The expropriation process is currently being completed, so that the auction can take place by July.

At the same time, studies are underway for the construction of the new bridge over the river Evinos. Flood protection works of about 80 million euros will also be constructed around the Ionian Road, with the largest share corresponding to the Prefecture of Aitoloakarnania.

Meanwhile, the road connecting Lefkada with Aktio is progressing, through two new road sections that replace or improve existing ones. One is the 5 km-long Aktio – Agios Nikolaos segment, while the second is the 16 km long-long Vonitsa – Lefkada section, with a total cost of 48.1 million euros. In fact, the first 5 km of the project is estimated to be ready for delivery earlier than scheduled. In total, the project is expected to be delivered in the summer of 2023. Respectively, the studies for the connection of Agrinio with the Ionian Road have already been assigned.


Railway projects, however, are the mainstay for western Greece, as bad planning, the economic crisis and the lack of financing have banished trains from the region for decades. Currently three schemes are in the pipeline. The first is the completion of the modern line that will finally connect Patras with Athens, for which the works and tenders are in the final stage for the sections Kiato – Rododafni and Rododafni – Rio, with a total budget of 565 million euros.

The second are the new generation projects of ERGOSE, amounting to 4 billion euros, which include the connection of the railway to the new port of Patras, with an underground tunnel that will travesrse the dense urban fabric. The competition for the 477 million euro project is now in the competitive dialogue phase. The project will be funded by the NSRF and CEF.

The last major railway project is the modernization and reopening of the existing line from Patras to Pyrgos. The first phase of the project is expected to be auctioned in early July.

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